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I do track I'm going to do is bowling on Saturday I play video games and I got pets I got a pool and a hot tub and pet I have are 3 dog 2 cats 7 birds 1 guinea pig and 2 tanks of fish and a pond of fish.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The buried life project 

I like to do a bucket list because it is so cool I could do a lot of thinks like sky diving or going to Area 51 to find a Alien and go see a emperor  penguin and go to South Pole. It is good to do a bucket list because it gives you  a chance to go around the world and see things. I'm lucky to do these things because I have a long life ahead of me and that gives me time do these things. If my bucket list was complete my life is complete. My head is full but my bucket is empty from thinking to much and that is my bucket list intro and thank you for watch video as will. By Cody calcutt
Cody's buried life 


1 go to Vegas 

2 go to see pawn stars at Vegas 

3 go on a train

4 going to meet pink

5 going to see is ac/dc

6 get a girl friend some day

7 go to the South Pole 

8 go to meet emperor penguin

9 find a leprechaun with his pot of gold 
10 get a job

11 win million dollars

12 get a car

13 get a million dollar home 

14 bakeing at home

15 get new game for Xbox 360 call halo 5 mass effect 4 
16 read a joke book 

17 go to fun mountain 

18 go to corn maze 

19 find biggest bee hive in the world 

20 find money under ground

21 go to the White House   

22 go to the Grand Canyon 

23 go and find and see the titanic under water 

24 go to Greece 

25 go to the Super Bowl 

26 go to a gray cup game 

27 have a friend over from school 

28 go to Italy to watch the tower Pisa fall

29 go to Hawaii 

30 go to Mexico 

31 swim with dolphin 

32 do the bomdia  song

33 go to Germany 

34 try there Germany food

35 help the cops out to cash bad guy on the run 

36 ride in flying a helicopter - police

37 go to the Olympics

38 go scuba diving 

39 brake a world record 

40 see the north lights

41 indoor sky diving

42 sleep in rain forest 

43 washing a giraffe 

44 go to Disney land

45 stay at under water hotel

46 milking a cow

47 go to the North Pole to find Santa 

48 ha ride

49 go to Area 51 to find a Alien friend from diffident planet  

50 go on tv  to do a hat dual 
49. Go to Area 51 to find a Alien friend from different  planet 

I'm  choosing number 49 on my bucket list. It is going to find an alien in Area 51,
this is how I'm going to do it. First thing I need is to get a ticket for a plane to go to Vegas. After I get past security in the Vegas airport, then I need to trick the security scans to not see my spy equipment. Then I going to my hotel and get to my room then get all my spy equipment on me and put my regular clothes on and get to my spy  car and drive away. Then I get to Area 51 first thing is to take out the guard at the fence. Then hide the body with out being seen then get back to the fence grab my cutters then Im in Area 51. The next thing I need to is get is the boss key card that will get to the lower level.Then I'm in lower level of Area 51 then find the alien holding cell on the last level of Area 51. I have find the holding cell of a alien then I open the door that I saw a alien took a picture then I close the door then I went back on to the elevator. Then I got back up top from under ground  went back to the fence got back to my spy car and drive away back to my hotel. I have put my regular clothes back on then put all clothes back into suitcase a threw my spy stuff away into the garbage. Then I got back  to the lost Vegas air port and I flew the way home.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

It's springtime in Pennsylvania for Jack Mama.  It is 7am on a Monday morning and Jack is having breakfast and his pit crew has phoned to make sure he is awake to go to practice before his Nascar race in two weeks. The race is in Daytona beach Florida, he has 6 days at home to practice. He leaves on Sunday for Daytona beach. He will get there in 2 days. That will leave him 3 days for practice and the big race is on a Saturday.

Monday he's on his way to practice and he made it on time and got his gear on. He started to go around the track 30 times, then call for today he's been doing that for 4 days. On the last day of practice he got pulled over by the cops and the cop said "license and registration please and thank you." 

Jack Mama said "ok officer". 

Jack Mama gave the officer his license and the registration and the officer said "I will be back in a minute". 

The officer came back gives he all his papers back and said "drive safe" and the officer went back to his car and drove away.

The big day arrives, he leaves to go to his race in Daytona beach Florida and with his pit crew they drive through 5 different cities to get to Daytona beach Florida. They made it to their to hotel and they got some sleep. The next day they were training for the race in Daytona beach Florida. This race means  a lot to Jack because if he wins this race he will be ranked number one in the world. 

It's  Saturday the race will start at 3 o'clock in the afternoon Jack Mama is getting ready before the race and he saw Black Betty. Black Betty is the most evil 
Race car driver in the world. Black Betty came over to see Jack Mama and Black Betty said "hello Jack Mama do not die today." 

Jack mama replied "I won't die today!"   

"You are going to die, see you on the race car track!"  Black Betty said as she walked away.

Black Betty is Jack Mama's nemesis.  If anybody can get in his way it's black betty.

The race is about to begin, Jack mama is in the pole position and black Betty is in the back of the line. The guy has the flag in his hand and he says "on your mark, get ready, set, go! And the race is on, the guy on the intercom says "Jack mama is in first place black Betty is  taking out of all the race car drivers and trying to get to the front of the line black Betty has something  in her hand. Jack looks out his window, Black Betty has a gun! She shot and luckily the bullet misses Jack and shot a cop in the arm instead.

Jack Mama through his race helmet and cops got on the track with their car to go after Black Betty. Black Betty shot Jack Mama's tire right off his car and he lost control and he hit the wall and his car caught on fire and he got out of his car and Black Betty was waiting  for him. Black Betty said "this is the end of line" with the gun in her hand and all 14 cop cars on the scene, the cops draw their guns out and told Black Betty to put the gun down and Black Betty put the gun on Jack Mama's forehead and Betty said to the cops was "good bye Jack Mama!" 

The gun screamed a loud "BANG!"  The cops fired back and killed Black Betty as well and that's the story of the race.

The END by Cody calcutt 

Username -@jackmama100

Character descriptions

Main character  

Jack mama Email jackmama100@gmail.com password 100mamajack 
Instagram login is jackmama200 password 200mamajack

He's a race car driver 

He is from Pennsylvania 

He is 20 years old he been racing since he was 5 his birthday is August 1st

I'm going to Instagram account for him because him is a amate

This story is about an important  race where jack pushes it to limit. If he wins he will go to the finals if loses he will end his racing career.his archenemy is a female race name black Betty she tough and she cheats and can kill and she has before .....

Second character 

Black Betty 

She is from  Germany 

Where she escaped from prison

She is 18 years old she was race since she was 3 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I watched a movie called hypothermia it's about a creature that lived in a lake and the people who fishing see it and the creature is starting to killing the people and trying to say a live on the lake.

Friday, 6 December 2013

I watched a movie called the diaries of the death it's about some kids and a teacher are making a movie and trying to get home and they are hairing on radio dead is come back and get out of the true for the world to see and it's on Netflix